Bruce Vaaj

A tale cannot be told unless it has been unfolded.

My shout out to everyone. I am proud to say that I am part of XK Vang Family and honored to have been chosen for the Presidential position of this committee.

I hope to lead us into a future where we can all be connected and proud of where we come from. I want to push us to new heights and build more than just a family, to become a foundation, to be a pillar for our next steps in life. I believe with each and everyone of your help, we can create a support network that can do more than just meet and greet. I am a firm believer of success with hard work and believe that many of you work really hard only to find that there's more to life.

We all want to achieve greatness, but may lack one of 3 things that I call support pillars. Whether it's physical support, emotional support and or spiritual support. No matter what part of the branch we may come from, we all come from that one seed, that seed that has grown so big that it branched off to each and every one of us.

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